Myofunctional Disorders in Vermont

Between the ages of 2 – 5, your child is growing most rapidly and can start to show signs of interrupted sleep patterns, crooked teeth and behavioral issues. Research has shown that correcting poor jaw development can help prevent orthodontic problems, sleep problems and lead to a beautiful smile.

Poor myofunctional habits such as thumb sucking, prolonged pacifier use, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing can cause the jaws to develop incorrectly and the teeth to become crowded.

The Myobrace® system can help correct the habits by having your child wear an appliance in their mouth for one hour a day and overnight. This preventative pre-orthodontic treatment focuses on addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth and helps guide your child’s natural growth and development. Treatment can begin as early as their first dental visit.

Myofunctional therapy is a type of physical therapy that improves: 1) breathing, 2) swallowing and 3) better sleep. 


3 habits the Myobrace® system corrects

  • Breathing – the device and the exercises encourage your child to breathe through their nose, naturally improving their airway and helping improve their overall health.
  • Swallowing - improper swallowing occurs when your tongue pushes forward when you swallow, which can cause poor tooth position, EVEN after orthodontics. This leads to swallowing small amounts of air when you eat or drink, which could lead to acid reflux, stomach pain, gas and bloating.
  • Sleeping – to help better sleep patterns, proper lip seal is needed. Lips should rest naturally and comfortably together when you’re not eating or speaking. When your mouth is closed, you sleep better at night and have a lower risk of getting tooth decay and gum disease.

The Treatment Process:

Step 1: We’ll perform a thorough evaluation.

Step 2: A treatment plan designed by the doctors will be reviewed with you. Once you start MyoBrace® Therapy you’ll get your first appliance and our Myofunctional Therapist will walk you through your first series of exercises. You’ll also get exclusive access to the Myobrace® patient app so you can watch videos on how to do the exercises, track your progress and take a fun quiz or two to keep you motivated.

Step 3: We will have you come in the office periodically to monitor your progress and move you to different appliances as needed throughout treatment. Treatment may include moving to Invisalign® for final bite correction.

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