At Dickinson and Branon, we are always looking for talented, dedicated individuals to join our team. We support our staff with continuing education opportunities while also providing a work/life balance. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran at another office, or just starting to explore a career in dentistry, our office is a great place to be. Career options available are:

Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, you will play an essential role in helping patients maintain good oral health. Performing regular cleanings and offering helpful tips for effective home care are among the key duties in your job description. A dental hygienist can make a huge impact on someone's health by assisting them in preventing major dental health issues before they arise.

Dental Assistant 

As a dental assistant, you will handle a wide range of tasks such as taking x-rays, using our state-of-the-art Itero® scanner to digitally capture the structure of a patient's teeth and gums and helping make patients comfortable before, during and after treatment. Dental assistants help dentists with a huge range of tasks including sterilizing and preparing instruments for procedures, taking notes on treatment and helping dentists during patient visits.  

You'll be the first and last touch point for many patients who come into the practice. You may be the one to answer the phone to book an appointment, and the last one to handle their payment before they leave the practice. It will be up to you to maintain a professional standard of customer service and ensure that all patients will gladly revisit the practice.  

Front Office

Being a front office team member is one of the best careers out there. The dental practice is both rewarding and challenging, and it is always growing as the dental field is always improving. Team members work together to ensure patients receive the best dental care possible and that their oral health improves.

Whether it is full-time or not, working in a dental front office means you truly are the face of the dental practice. A new patient will see and speak to the front office team as soon as they get to the front desk, even before they meet their DDS or DDM. This means that it is of great importance to have excellent communication skills and customer service skills.

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