Dickinson Branon Dental is a family-run St. Albans institution with a focus on world-class dental care innovation. This combination has served our community of patients and long-standing team members since 1973, when Dr. Dickinson first opened the practice on Main Street.

Our legacy of stability and commitment to leading the charge in dental evolution are the pillars on which our practice is built. With a number of team members who have served our patients for more than 20 years and an eye out for new teammates with either dental-specific vocational training or simply an aptitude for learning and for customer care, we plan to provide the northern Vermont community with the best possible service and results for many years to come.

Dickinson and Branon is proud of a number of partnerships we’ve joined to help develop the next generation of elite dental professionals. In 2021, we helped pioneer Tufts Dental School’s inaugural New England rural externship experience. The goal of the program is to introduce dental students from Tufts to settings outside of urban areas such as Boston. We consider it as a sort of exchange trip—our team had the opportunity to impart clinical knowledge to the dental students (and be expert local guides), and the students shared insights from their academic studies and diverse backgrounds. Based on the outstanding experiences of our first pair of students, Tufts is expanding through dental offices throughout northern New England.  

Another exciting educational partnership we have started is closer to home. As members of the Northwest Technical Centers’s health care advisory board, we are hosting two BFA students in a paid on-site training program. While studying relevant course material, the students are also learning hands-on and working toward the requirements for becoming certified dental assistants. 

DBD is proud of the benefits we provide our employees, which have led to incredible career development and long-standing tenures. Our employees receive free preventative dental care (with family discounts), health and vision coverage, 401K retirement plans, and paid vacations and holidays. Perhaps most importantly, we pay for continuing education for courses directly related to the employee’s current job responsibilities, which is why our hygienists and assistants are some of the most skilled dental professionals around. 

“I have worked at Dickinson Branon Dental Care for over 20 years, starting as a dental assistant while getting my dental hygiene degree from the University of Vermont in 2001 and since working as a dental hygienist. I have felt supported and respected by all three of the doctors. They have provided me with opportunities to grow through mentoring, continuing education, and access to the latest technology and leadership roles, which helped me recently become a Myofunctional Therapist. 

DB Dental Care creates a positive work environment where I feel engaged, valued, and empowered every day. They appreciate the importance of a team and make sure all employees are heard and participate in decisions that affect the business and our patients. I look forward to going to work every day at Dickinson Branon Dental Care and enjoy the challenges that await me!  -  Jen P.

At Dickinson and Branon, we are always looking for talented, dedicated individuals to join our team. We support our staff with continuing education opportunities while also providing a work/life balance. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran at another office, or just starting to explore a career in dentistry, our office is a great place to be. Career options available are:


Dentists in our office believe that a patient’s oral health contributes to overall wellness and is why we dedicate ourselves to helping our patients reach their full potential.

Working with our dedicated hygienists and dental assistants we diagnose, treat, and prevent oral health problems such as decay, gum disease, and TMD disorders. We also want our patients to love their smile, so we are proficient in orthodontic therapy using Myobrace®, The Healthy Start® and Invisalign® clear aligners.

Our team approach provides a continuity of care explained clearly and with empathy.

With our state-of-the-art facility and using advanced techniques, along with our decades of experience we provide dental care that is comprehensive, convenient, cost effective and delivered with a gentle approach.

Our family approach to dentistry has created an atmosphere with low turnover of our team and we take pride in serving our community in St. Albans and Franklin County for 50 years with exceptional dental care in a caring atmosphere.

Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, you will play an essential role in helping patients maintain good oral health. Performing regular cleanings and offering helpful tips for effective home care are among the key duties in your job description. A dental hygienist can make a huge impact on someone's health by assisting them in preventing major dental health issues before they arise.

Dental Assistant 

As a dental assistant, you will handle a wide range of tasks such as taking x-rays, using our state-of-the-art Itero® scanner to digitally capture the structure of a patient's teeth and gums and helping make patients comfortable before, during and after treatment. Dental assistants help dentists with a huge range of tasks including sterilizing and preparing instruments for procedures, taking notes on treatment and helping dentists during patient visits.  

You'll be the first and last touch point for many patients who come into the practice. You may be the one to answer the phone to book an appointment, and the last one to handle their payment before they leave the practice. It will be up to you to maintain a professional standard of customer service and ensure that all patients will gladly revisit the practice.  

Front Office

Being a front office team member is one of the best careers out there. The dental practice is both rewarding and challenging, and it is always growing as the dental field is always improving. Team members work together to ensure patients receive the best dental care possible and that their oral health improves.

Whether it is full-time or not, working in a dental front office means you truly are the face of the dental practice. A new patient will see and speak to the front office team as soon as they get to the front desk, even before they meet their DDS or DDM. This means that it is of great importance to have excellent communication skills and customer service skills.

Check back often as we will post open positions as they become available.

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